Sheet Metal Work

The design and manufacture of sheet metal components is at the heart of WRW Tech services. Whether your requirements are for small batches or larger production runs, we are able to offer a rapid and flexible turnaround.

Specialising in precision stainless steel, aluminium and steel fabrications from basic brackets through to complex metal enclosures, cabinets and case work, our expertise and experience eliminates problems and assists in producing a quality finished product. Our expertise consists not only of sheet metal work, but a variety of machine shop and ‘craftsman’ skills which enable us to produce a wide range of components for the electronics and other industries.

Rapid Laser Cutting Service

Assisted Design

WRW Tech have almost 30 years of experience in the sub-contract metal fabrication industry – experience that you can take advantage of to help develop and evolve well engineered parts.

We can work with your product design team to help improve the functionality, durablity and cost effectiveness of your parts and assemblies. This can often result in reduced costs and improved design without straying from the clients experience.

We have experience with various drawing packages, please call to discuss.

Reverse Engineering

  • Reduces first article inspection time

  • Organises inspection data

  • Eliminates human error due to traditional, manual inspection methods

  • Quickly digitises existing flat parts into CAD files

  • Multiple CCD camera technology on a moving carriage eliminates issues of reflective material and part position


To match the increasing demand for shorter lead times, the development of KanBan and ‘ship to stock’ has been introduced at WRW Tech. Using a dedicated storage area, specialist racks and returnable packaging, this method of supply is on the increase. For higher demand products, an internal KanBan system ensures continuity of supply for scheduled deliveries.

Packaging & Transport

WRW Tech are happy to supply goods packaged to customers’ exact requirements, either bespoke or standard.

We currently use a reliable courier service for the long distance deliveries and our own transport for local customers.